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Automated eCommerce Solution

New Disruptive eStore Technology

eComNow is the only AUTOMATED, HANDSFREE, INSTANT eStore solution today!

Our “Best-In-Class” tools allow the automated creation of unlimited customized eStores for any industry. We increase your marketing and sales reach with our unique distribution and sales model, unlocking the potential to increase customer penetration and revenue.

Thousands of small business owners and professionals in many fields do not sell online, WHY?

Barriers to Running an eStore Business:

There are more complexities to eCommerce than setting up a storefront and shopping cart.

  • Low revenue from high initial investment requirements
  • Lack of time and knowledge
  • Limited resources and personnel to support eStore operations
  • Inadequate vendor relationships to build merchandise assortment
  • Workload commitment managing inventory, order processing, sales tax and more
  • Resource constraints for digital marketing campaigns to drive online store traffic
  • Too many hassles dealing with customer issues, product returns and payment processing

The eComNow Solution is fully automated.

We provide inventory, vendors, order processing, merchant account processing, sales tax collection and reporting, payments for cost of goods and marketing tools to sell products.


Our eCommerce Solution

eComNow’s automated technology provides a turnkey eStore setup within a few hours for single or multiple eStores in any industry.

  • Customized branding and graphics for each store
  • Pre-loaded store inventory with multiple quality brands
  • Vendor accounts are not required
  • Merchant accounts are not required
  • Order processing and vendor payments automation
  • Tax calculation and CRA payments managed
  • ACH direct bank account payment to store owners for earnings
  • CRM and Recommendation Engine with email automation
  • Email Marketing tools for outbound campaign delivery

By launching our proprietary, state-of-the-art eComNow solution, franchisers, distributors, manufactures and associations can expand distribution by offering a robust, automated eCommerce program to all locations/customers.