Automated eStore

Automated eStore

Personalized and Ready for Business eCommerce Stores

Join the modern online sales revolution!

Manufacturers, Brands and Resellers are all looking for ways to expand their marketing and sales reach and increase revenue. As online purchasing has become mainstream, businesses would like to join in but are struggling with how easily and efficiently it is to create an ecommerce presence. This is especially true for the many professionals in the health and wellness arena, including pharmacies, chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists, fitness studios, personal trainers, naturopaths, senior living facilities and more. All recognize an ecommerce solution would enable them to help their patients and clients with products to achieve better results coinciding with their services. Specifically, a direct connection between their recommendations and the clients purchase of items needed for their treatment would vastly improve follow up and use of the recommended products. It also helps the professional realize increased revenue through this new sales channel.

The eComNow platform creates a direct connection between the health and wellness professional and client product requirements. Your automated and personalized eStore comes pre-loaded with a broad range of inventory items from trusted and quality vendors. You have the ability to recommend exactly what your patients and clients need. In return, the relationship with your patient or client is strengthened, leading to a more positive wellness outcome, while providing additional sources of revenue for you. Being able to provide patients direct access to the exact product they need eliminates all frustration having to find them, improves their satisfaction with your service and improves their treatment outcomes.

No Ordering, No Inventory, No Invoicing, & NO HASSLES!