Frequently Asked Questions

So Many Questions … So Many Answers!

eComNow offers tremendous value in allowing professionals to recommend the right products for their customers, while at the same time providing an easy way to purchase the products online.

Professionals no longer have to worry about what items they need to stock. Our personalized eStore program provides all items in stock 365 days of the year. 

Sign-up for an eStore is automated and only takes a few minutes to enroll. Once enrolled, store owners will receive instructions to customize your eStore, set up your recommendation preferences and train you on the operation of your eStore portal.

How do I recommend products to my customers?

During the initial setup process, you identify products to be automatically recommended for
your customers. When using the recommendation interface, these products will automatically
populate. Product recommendations can always be created and/ or adjusted at any time.

How does a new customers information get entered into the recommendation module?

You can enter the customers basic contact information in the recommendation module. This
takes seconds to complete.

What if my customer is not ready to buy the recommended item(s)?

Customers will receive three recommendations in a series. The first will arrive immediately, the
second in 2 days and the final reminder in 3 days. Customers are not required to purchase the
recommended items but will have three opportunities to finalize the order from the text or
email message they receive.

What products can I recommend?

Your eStore is pre-stocked with products relating to your industry. The software allows you to
access all inventory items available on your eStore through a search field. With one click, you
can load the item into the shopping cart to send the personalized recommendation to your

What hardware do I need to recommend products?

The recommendation engine portal is available through the internet. Your account can be
accessed on any phone, tablet, or computer by simply logging into your account. Training
videos will be provided to walk you through the process.

How do I recommend products to customers?

You can recommend products through your eStore’s Recommendation engine portal.

What if I do not have a website?

Since the URL for the eStore is unique and all eStores can be personalized by the owner, you
can use the eStore as your personal website. You can set up redirect of your domain name,
directing the buyer to your eStore.

What if my customer has a question?

If your customer has a question that cannot be answered by the FAQ section, a contact email
address is provided for all platforms.

Is the store secure?

All online purchases though every eStore are processed in a totally secure environment. All
eStores are PCI compliant and the shopping carts have SSL security, encrypting the data for

Do I have access to all customer orders?

Yes, you have 24/7 access to your eStore portal where all activity is available in real time.
Owners can run reports on sales, commissions and all other data relating to their eStore.

Who can order from my eStore?

Depending on the login settings, you can make the site available for anyone to visit the eStore
and purchase products.

Who holds the products displayed on my eStore?

The platform has carefully selected quality suppliers having brand name products. These
suppliers hold the inventory and are integrated with our order processing system to receive the
order, pull, pack and ship the product direct to your customer.

Can I add products to my eStore?

Products can only be added by the Admin of the platform. New Supplier requests may be
submitted to the Admin for consideration to be loaded on the platform.