Recommendation Engine

Recommendation Engine

Products Ideally Matched to Improve Outcomes

Trusted Recommendations Convert into Revenue

Your eComNow account comes with a unique “Recommendation Engine” and
exclusive login for approved users. This fully integrated recommendation
engine empowers professionals to quickly and easily recommend the right
products for each patient or customer. If you do not typically stock products
you customers need, recommendations from your eComNow eStore can save
clients the time and frustration of finding the products from secondary
sources. Your recommended products increase the likelihood that clients will
purchase products online while at your facility or later from their home. We
remove the hassles of managing inventory, tying up valuable capital and wasting valuable time.

Recommendation Engine Features

  • Organize your favorite products by brand, product category or any other group you want to create.
  • Product recommendation shopping cart to easily load products.
  • Direct interface enables online purchasing while clients are still at your location.
  • Recommendation engine automatically sends a text and email message to your customer, making it easy for them to purchase.
  • Products are shipped directly to your customer’s shipping address.
  • You earn high profit margins on all sales.
  • Profit on sales are sent via ACH direct to your bank account

Recommendation and Purchase Process

In a few easy steps, the eStore owner is able to select the necessary products and then present the recommendation, enabling a customer to purchase before leaving the location or receive an automated text and email message after departing.

  1. Select customer or create one.
  2. Choose an existing category and condition or create one.
  3. Select pre-determined products or search  for a product on the eStore.
  4. Recommended products are automatically loaded into a shopping cart.
  5. Customer can purchase recommended products while in the location.
  6. Customer may opt to have the recommendation sent by text or email to them for purchase later.

If customers choose not to make an in location purchase, an automated email will be sent and received after the visit. This begins an automated email series of follow up reminders, noting the recommended products and allowing the customers to conveniently complete the transaction when they are ready.